Popular Events and Festivals in Andalusia Summer 2019

Andalusia is an exceptional tourist destination at all the time of year, but in summer it acquires a special color for aromas and customs.

July, August and September are the mains months of holidays in Andalusia.

A whole stream of life that is worth checking out! If you want to know the best popular festivals, i have selected some for you.

Festival of Moors and Christians in Benamahoma (Sierra de Cádiz)

The "Festival of Moors and Christians" is held every year in Sierra de Cádiz.

The first weekend of August, the city of Benamahoma move into the time when the area was the border with the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

During the festivities, in this fraction of Grazalema, a historical recreation takes place in which "Moors and Christians" provoke each other for the custody of San Antonio (Patron of the city). This performance begins Friday night with the coronation of the Queens, keeps going on Saturday with the simulation of the revolts on the border and the procession of San Antonio, that marks the beginning of the struggle between "Moors and Christians". It then ends on Sunday with the victory of the Christians.

This is the only event in western Andalusia where the whole city participates recreating the atmosphere of the old time, with an admirable theatrical atmosphere.

It is very likely that in the future this event will be part of the Festivals of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia.

You cannot miss it!

The slaughter of vegetables in Calabazares (Huelva).

This curious party was born as a tribute for the work of gardeners.

In Andalusia for years we have seen the famous Slaughter of the Iberian pig and to restore balance between land and agriculture, the city of Calabazares has established this strange event "Vegetable Slaughter" where the forms of collection and processing are treated in the traditional way.

During the party, this small town of Almonaster is full of shows, exhibitions, conferences and guided tours of the area's orchards. The most sought souvenir by tourists is a bottle of homemade tomato from the old style.

If you want to have fun, in contact with nature and learn to work in the countryside, do not hesitate to visit Calabazares at the end of August. Keep in mind that this curious show takes place every two years.

The night of wine in Cómpeta (Málaga).

This tradition originates at the farewell party that the families did to the workers of Axarquía when they left their homes to go and pick up grapes in the countryside.

In August there is a meeting in the square to ask the Virgin of the Assumption for a prosperous and exuberant year.

In this way, every August 15, the old Square of Cómpeta becomes the epicenter of "the night of wine" , bringing more than nine-thousand people year after year.

If you have the courage to participate in this beautiful party in Málaga, you will find free wine tastings, free lunches and musical performances, among which you can not miss the Cómpeta fandangos.

The cities of Andalusia are much more than sun and beach, they are folklore, colours, gastronomy, art and architecture that will fall in love with your eyes and hearts!

New adventures and a world full of culture and fun wait for you! Happy Andalusia will surprise you.

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