The Mezquita of Cordoba


The Mezquita of Cordoba is one of the most important monuments of the city, bequeathed by the Muslim period. The structure, then transformed into a kind of mosque / cathedral, is a Muslim construction with the addition of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles. The building was built by Abderraman I, where the Basilica of San Vincente once stood, dating back to the Visigothic period, and was later enlarged by the following rulers.

It is not a simple monument, but a real sacred place to visit because inside it concentrates the energy and the historical background of two great religions. If you are in Andalusia, the Mezquita of Cordoba is one of the places to add to the list.

Mezquita Cordoba: construction and history

The mosque of Cordoba was built in 785 AD, it was initially built in 11 naves with capitals in Roman and Visigoth style, inside the courtyard of the Aranci. The style adopted for the construction of the arches was the ogival style, this was later adopted as a symbol of Muslim architecture. After the death of Sultan Abderraman I, who attributed the construction of the Cordoba mosque, his son Hixen I built the first minaret of the structure with a quadrangular plan.

However, the first modification of the mosque was attributed to Abderman II, around 821 the sovereign decided to expand the prayer room by building the current Puerta di San Esteban, in full Cordobese and Visigothic style. It was the next ruler, in the 10th century, to further extend the Mezquita of Cordoba and to build a second minaret. The arches of the structure were reinforced and 12 new elements were added to the mosque, even bringing it closer to the Guadalquivir river.

In 987 AD the third and last enlargement of the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba was completed, with the addition of 8 aisles.

The particularity of the structure is certainly the cathedral present inside, in fact right in the middle of the Mezquita we find a Christian sanctuary built on commission of the Bishop of the Cathedral.

The curiosity is that Charles V did not appreciate the changes at all, saying that they had managed to ruin a great work of art, turning it into something that was easy to find. The construction of a cathedral inside the Mosque is certainly the symbol of the victory of Christianity over Islam in the Andalusian region, which offers many monuments that have had a similar history as the Giralda in Seville.

The Mosque also has the wailing wall that does not point towards Mecca.

Muslims, in the sixth century, made the two religions coexist inside the Visgota Basilica, in fact inside there were Christian and Muslim functions until the Arab community grew and Adb al-Rahman completely transformed it into the mosque.

Here are the timetables:

March to October:

  • Mon - Sat 10.00 - 19.00
  • Sunday - Holidays: 8.30 - 11.30 and 15.00 - 19.00

November - February

  • Mon - Sat 10.00 - 18.00
  • Sunday - Holidays: 8.30 - 11.30 and 15.00 - 18.00

You can buy the Cordoba Mosque ticket with a guided tour or not through this portal allowing you to avoid the queue.

The ticket price for the Mezquita in Cordoba is 10 euros for adults, 5 euros for children. For children under 10 the entrance is totally free.

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