The charm of the historic center is due to the beauty of its monuments and the Arab grandeur of the majestic Mosque, with the forest of arches and columns that symbolize the glory of Al-Andalus, but also the courtyards and medieval alleys declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

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In the eighth century, after the Moorish conquest, Cordoba was an extremely prestigious city, full of countless palaces, elegant public buildings and 300 mosques, both to rival Costantinopoli the capital of art, culture and science.

Throughout the centuries, the Christian government has transformed and enriched it with new structures, such as the Acázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Fortress Tower of Calahorra.

Córdoba is not only historical buildings and monuments, but also famous for its lively nightlife and culinary tradition of excellence.

Cordoba is a real joy for the eyes, here some attractions and information cannot to be missed!

Mezquita of Cordoba:

it is the first historical monument of Córdoba and also the most important. It is one of the testimonies of the Muslim empire, although today it is no longer used for Islamic worship, since there are only Catholic rites. The structure, in fact, today is called the mosque-cathedral and from the architectural point of view its interior is fascinating precisely because of the union of two totally opposite styles, the Arab and the European, even if the second style, at times, seems to have invaded and almost polluted the first. The beauty of the Mezquita lies in its immensity. You can appreciate it during the day, visiting and losing yourself in its interiors, or at night, walking around it or sitting on its stairs, when darkness and silence make it even bigger.

La Calahorra Tower:

rises to the south of the Roman bridge and was built by Enrique II of Trastamana in 1369 to defend the city from attacks by his brother Pietro I the Crudele while the Archaeological Museum is located inside a Renaissance palace and boasts an important collection with testimonies of the Roman, Visigoth, Mudejar, Renaissance and Muslim periods. In the modern area there is Plaza de las Tendillas, the main square of Cordoba.

8 kilometers west of the city ..

The Medina Azahara:

at the foot of the Sierra Morena, just 8 km from Cordoba, stands the Medina Azahara, a magnificent Arab building that is the protagonist of infinite myths and legends.

El Puente Romano:

The Roman bridge is another important monument of Córdoba, this time testimony of the great Roman Empire, built on the Guadalquivir river. Today it is only a pedestrian bridge and even if for tourists it is a purely historical place, for the people of Cordoba it is also a place to take long walks or in the evening to meet for jogging.


The typical dishes of Cordoba are essentially two:


It is a fried dish made from jamon serrano wrapped in pork or lamb, much loved by anyone who tries it.


Loved by the natives, but not by all tourists. It is a sort of sauce or soup if you want, made with tomato, garlic, oil and bread, often seasoned with jamon serrano and boiled eggs.

It is possible to taste these dishes accompanying them with live flamenco shows, offered by most of the clubs located in the historic city center.

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